About the thrift store

“Stara roba, nova raba” – old things, new use

“Stara roba, nova raba” is the first Slovenian thrift store, established by “Kralji ulice” (Kings of the street), a nongovernmental organisation for help and self-help of homeless people. Our Thrift store is a social enterprise, devoted to social and environmental causes. People donate us various used items for everyday use. We clean and restore these items in order to sell them for a symbolic price. 

Social entrepreneurship enabels people with experience of homelessness and social exclusion to acquire working experience, daily routine, establish and widen their social network, develop skills and gain financial stability and control over their own lives.

The store also enables people in bad economic position and others interested in second-hand items to buy at low prices and at the same time support environmental and social responsibility.


MONDAY | 12 am – 7 pm
TUESDAY-FRIDAY | 9 am – 7 pm
SATURDAY | 9 am – 2 pm

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